SSI’s Technologies: Helping Create Champions Part 1


If you’ve watched professional sports of any kind lately, chances are you’ve come across teams/athletes who are using our technology to improve their game.

Our products are at the forefront of Science and Technology, and can have a huge impact on performance and overall results. In a field worth billions of pounds per year, SSI are keenly aware of the fine line between victory and loss and our experience is helping to close the loop on performance, metrics, and recovery.

neurotrackerSeveral high profile football clubs here in the U.K. are using our systems to improve their game, from Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool, and Southampton just to name a few. Products which can help cognitive development and concentration, improve mental alertness,increase agility and overall fitness, and be a go-to for increases in performance.

Neurotracker is a product that is scientifically proven in the field of cognitive training. Neurotracker uses a 3d Projector or a 3D capable TV or P.C. to create an immersive 3D environment where you track a series of “bouncing balls” which move faster and faster as you progress. This helps in improve athletic performance by increasing the players situational awareness while also improving response time during gameplay. This idea of training the brain,improving motor skills, and creating to a fully-immersive virtual environment is quickly becoming the future of high-level sport science.


fitlight ebayThe Fitlight trainer is becoming a force in the sport, medical, and military arenas. They system uses a series of light pods, which light in a pre-chosen pattern, and are deactivated by swiping the hand, or touching the lights thereby measuring reaction time and agility. They can be placed in any configuration or even used as targets making them one zephyr psm ukof the most versatile training products on the market. The Fitlight Trainer is also great for gyms and schools, as the fun and engaging routines are ideal for the fitness training, weight loss, and agility training.
To measure the fitness and take a look “inside” the athlete, Zephyr PSM has no other competition.
Live measurement includes heart rate, heart rate variability, heart rate recovery, breathing rate, accelerometry, intensity & load and estimated core temperature  and all without pills or probes. The data is then easy to analyse using the included software.

We have several other technologies and more on their way soon. Stay tuned to our blog for further updates and information on all the latest tech.